How To Find The Best Prices At An Online Auction For Wedgewood China Collectibles

Although there are many online auction sites the number one site is, without a doubt, eBay. In business since 1995, eBay has grown to host almost 15 million auctions and averages a thousand dollars a second in sales. Any business in any industry can only get this kind of growth by providing a quality product coupled with excellent service at the best prices.

This site: ( is an online shopping website for Wedgwood China collectibles and everyday dinnerware. I started it because my mom loved her Wedgwood china.

The products you will see displayed on each one of these pages comes from a product feed from eBay. The products update daily on each one of the pages to give you a large and current selection.

In order to make purchases on eBay you must first register on the site. It''''s very simple and very free. Just takes a couple of minutes. Remember,anyone can search eBays products. You only need to register if you have found what you are looking for and wish to make a purchase but, have not yet signed up as a member of eBay.

Now to find the best price for that missing piece in your Wedgwood collection. Navigation to the different store pages is down the left hand column. Just click on the link to the pieces you wish to view and the store page will open up. Each page consists of twelve different pieces. There are additional pages for each product category.The link to page 2, 3, etc. is at the bottom right of the page. For various reasons (price, color, condition of the piece) you may not find the piece you''''re looking for on the first couple of pages. You will see a search box at the top left of the page including an advanced search feature. Using the standard search box will display the products depending on the description you type in. For instance, if you''''re browsing through the Wedgwood jasperware page but, only want to see blue jasperware, just type the word blue in the search box and you will see only blue Wedgwood jasperware. Additional words will narrow your search further saving you more time and hopefully, more money. In the advanced search box there is a field where you can also enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay. This is a very handy feature especially when comparison shopping.

Now that you''''ve found the missing piece to your collection at the best price, let''''s click on the image. This opens up the page where information regarding not only the product but, complete feedback on the seller as well. This page is where you will sign in or register as a new member if you wish to place a bid for the item. You will find the sign-in/register box at the top left of the page. After verifying this is indeed, the missing piece you need to fill your collection, you''''ll want to check out the seller. This is an important part of online auction shopping. All of the products on the pages of are offered for sale by many different individuals. Some have been selling on eBay for years and others are just starting out. That''''s why eBay provides a feedback score as part of the feedback profile. It''''s one of the ways eBay polices its sellers and protects you, the buyer.

Here is the information direct from the eBay seller feedback page on the scoring system.

" The Feedback score is one of the more important parts of a Feedback Profile. It’s the number in parentheses next to a member’s user ID and is also located at the top of the Feedback Profile. Next to the Feedback score, you may also see a star.

A Feedback score of at least 10 earns you a yellow star (). The higher the Feedback score, the more positive ratings a member has received. As your Feedback score increases, your star will change color accordingly, all the way to a silver shooting star () for a score above 1,000,000!"

This is the breakdown of the significance of the different stars:

Yellow star = 10 to 49 ratings
Blue star = 50 to 99 ratings
Turquoise star = 100 to 499 ratings
Purple star = 500 to 999 ratings
Red star = 1,000 to 4,999 ratings
Green star = 5,000 to 9,999 ratings
Yellow shooting star = 10,000 to 24,999 ratings
Turquoise shooting star = 25,000 to 49,999 ratings
Purple shooting star = 50,000 to 99,999 ratings
Red shooting star = 100,000 to 499,000 ratings
Green shooting star = 500,000 to 999,999 ratings
Silver shooting star = 1,000,000 ratings or more

Additionally, as part of the feedback profile, you can learn how well the seller takes care of his customers by seeing his customer satisfaction score which is expressed in a percentage measurement. Obviously, a green star seller with a 100% feedback rating has been providing excellent customer service to over 5,000 different buyers. This is someone you can trust. A green star seller with a 98% rating has upset 2% of his buyers. While it's true that you can''''t please everyone eBay has also provided a page in the sellers feedback profile where you can see the comments and reasons a buyer was not satisfied or very satisfied.

If you''''ve read this far down, first of all, thank you for your time and secondly, I hope this article will help you find the best prices for those missing pieces in your Wedgwood collection or if you''''re trying to find some new dinnerware.

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